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Marina Pareja (Assistant Professor Costume Designer -Costume Shop Head -Director), born in the city of Lima, capital of Peru. She completed her BFA in Costume Design for theatre at Florida International University in 1998 and later her MFA in Theatre Production at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Marina has worked in theatrical costumes for 20 years. She joined the FIU family in 2006 as Costume Design Instructor and Head of the Costume Shop. She teaches costume design and construction classes as well as designs and builds the costumes for the FIU Theatre department’s productions.   Marina has also acted as Production Manager and Associate Artistic Director for the Alternative Theatre Summer Festival, since its creation in 2006. With ATF, Marina has directed a variety of shows that include musicals, edgy comedies, and Plays in Spanish. In the community, she has worked with different production companies like Orchestra Miami, What if Works and Juggerknot Theatre.

Designer's Statement

           As a costume designer, my foremost aspiration is to delve into the depths of storytelling through the visual medium of costume. Every stitch, every fabric choice, and every color selection contributes to the intricate tapestry of character portrayal and narrative interpretation. In this collaborative project, I am driven by the profound desire to breathe life into the play's essence, illuminate its themes, and enrich its characters through the language of costume.

           My approach to interpreting a play goes beyond the words on a page. I see it as a living, breathing entity, and I embark on this journey with a discerning eye and a compassionate heart. Each character, with their unique quirks, vulnerabilities, and strengths, becomes a canvas I adorn with textures, silhouettes, and symbolism. Through meticulous research and an intuitive understanding of the playwright's vision, I strive to create more than just costumes. I aim to evoke emotional resonance, to stir thoughts, and to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

           Collaboration is at the core of my creative process. I firmly believe in the transformative power of synergy, in the magic that unfolds when diverse creative minds unite to pursue a shared vision. Engaging in dialogue with directors, fellow designers, and performers is not just a necessity but a wellspring of inspiration. Together, we craft a harmonious visual narrative where costumes seamlessly blend with set design, lighting, and sound to construct a world that captivates both the audience and the artist.

           My design ethos is firmly grounded in authenticity and empathy. I am dedicated to honoring the play's historical context while infusing it with a contemporary sensibility that speaks to modern audiences. I am also deeply committed to inclusivity and diversity, recognizing the transformative power of representation on stage. Every costume decision I make thoughtfully reflects cultural nuances, societal norms, and the lived experiences of the characters they adorn.

            My role as a costume designer is to dress characters and illuminate their innermost truths, transcend the boundaries of time and space, and forge a visceral connection between audience and performance. Through my work, I seek to ignite imaginations, provoke conversations, and leave an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of all who encounter it.

Copyright of Marina Pareja 2014

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